Dance is a Getaway

Because many dancers who take it up as their main priority are at their dance school everyday or the majority of the week every week of the year, many people tend to become really close friends with some of the people in their classes, and not such good friends with others. If you are reading this and can relate, I’m sure you’ve mentioned the term, “dance friends” almost every day at school or home. I think one problem many of these peopele face is constantly talking to your friends at dance, telling them about school and your everyday life, and telling them you want to hang out with them. Since many of the girls (at my dance school at least) are from different towns, it is sometimes easier said than done. Depending on how long you have danced, you could have known these people since kindergarten. I happen to fall into this category, and I would consider a few of the girls I dance with my best friends.

Since I see these people on an almost-daily basis, we are very close and have been for years. We tell eachother our problems and happy things about our days because it’s people in a different environment. Not just the same people from school everyone knows. I highly suggest trying to become close with some girls in your dance school if you are a dancer. The relationships you can form are really worth while, and I know a specific group of people who went to my dance school who are currently in their 20s and are still best friends!

Another suggestion I have for those who already have some close dance friends is to really try and go out of your way to hang out with them on the weekend or over the summer if you haven’t already. Just to catch up, or laugh and talk. For me, I was kind of sick of hanging out with the same people from school all of the time, but of course I still love them.. I just wanted a change of pace. I made a group mssage on my phone with a few of my closest friends from dance. We all met up one Saturday to get lunch and our nails done, and then we went into a town that two of the girls lived in that night. They introduced us to some of their friends, and now I have a lot more friends from other towns who I can turn to whenever I’m in the mood to do something different. It was such a fun time, and that is why we hung out even more since then.

Although you may be very good friends with some people in dance class more than others, try to include everyone. It doesn’t feel good when some of your friends aren’t in class and you’re stretching in the corner by yourself

while the other eight are in the middle laughing their heads off at who knows what. Try to encourage your whole class to be friends if they aren’t already. My dance class has all become good friends within the past year or so which has made my whole experience a lot better.

Bottom line: Be open minded and go out of your way to improve friendships; they could last forever!

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