You see a girl about to perform. She is bony, short, and has awkward posture with her head down. The look on her face is the definition of nervous, and she walks onto the stage finding the number block she needs to start behind.

You see a girl about to perform. She is bony, short, but her head is held high and she confidently struts on the stage, smiling.

Which one of these dancers will be better? Just as it would be when first meeting someone, the judges at that competition or parents at that dance recital might just be seeing your presence for the first time as a dancer. First impression means everything. You could end up sucking, but it will take a lot of failure to prove this to the judges and audience if you come out confident, happy, and looking like a pro.

If you convince yourself you know what you’re doing, you know what you’re doing. The worst impression to make is that you are unsure of yourself or forgot the combination. Make something up on the spot; who will ever know besides your instructor or your fellow dancers? No one. So act confident.. it’s all in the attitude. You may not be the best dancer in that age category or competition, and you would be lucky if you were that person.

If it’s down to you and another girl to get the gold medal, are they going to choose the girl who had the best technique but looked like she was bored out there? Or are they going to choose the girl who maybe messed up once but picked herself up, smiled the whole time, and got the audience into it? The second one almost 90% of the time, unless it’s a technique-based competition.

This is a major problem for most dancers. Myself included. It’s much harder to look very confident and constantly happy than you’d think. That smirk you whip out to the audience every now and then? Not nearly enough. Flash those pearly whites and show the audience what you can do! Dancing is a privelage and something to be proud of, so make sure it at least looks like you know what you’re doing.

All the audience wants to see is you having fun, and if you’re having enough fun chances are they’ll have fun watching your dance.

Although it is very tough, never take the smile off your face during your dance. Even if your mouth is shaking because your lip muscles can’t take it any longer, suck it up and keep smiling!

All you have to do is this, and it is your start to being successful in competitions and performances!

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