The first few months of any class, we tend to just practice technique and skill. After this point in time, we get choreography to a dance, and learn it and work on it for the remainder of the year. Once we’ve finished that, we have the dance recital, which is a huge production we put on for families, friends, scouts, or anyone that wants to come. Almost all dance studios have an end of the year recital, but nothing compares to ours. It is extremely intense, and you can barely take your eyes off of the stage when watching it. It’s great to see the skill and incredible talents girls and a few boys of all ages posses at our studio.

Although the recital is majorly a very cool sight to see and enticing to watch, it is insanity backstage! Quick costume changes, makeup requirements, shoe changes, accessories, you name it we’ve got the issue. The rush of the recital is so stressful that we make it fun. Everyone places their costumes stage right or stage left, making sure you come off the correct side and are able to sprint across behind the curtain so you’re ready for your dance.

The many issues we must deal with make heads spin and get girls to the point of tears, there is a way to decrease the stress level. 

All you must do is take every accessory, every makeup tool, and every dance shoe and categorize them. Keep each costume seperate and make sure you know where everything is backstage at all times!

Another problem we come to face at the recital is the graduating senior class. At dance, we all become very close friends, even with girls not too close in age. The dance recital is like the final goodbye to the studio, and presents the sad message that the seniors will never be in a dance class at our studio again. Many tears are always dropping onto the stage, from the seniors, to the students, to the teachers and choreographers. Some girls are so hooked that they come back for classes through college and are in the recital!

Overall, even though the recital sounds extremely stressful, in me and my friends’ eyes, the recital is the best day of the whole year. It includes performing on a huge stage for your favorite people while barely being judged, being applauded and appreciated, spending all this time with your best friends, and attending many recital rehearsal, before, and after parties! #recitalfever is the largest Twitter trend during recital weekend at SSOD.

Recitals can be stressful as heck, but just keep organized, take deep breaths, and smile!


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