Time Consumption

Dancing is probably the most time consuming activity out there. Not only are the classes all at least two hours, but they are all throughout the week and back to back. It is a commitment, so if you choose to take dance seriously, you have to know that a lot of time, pain, stretching, and effort is needed at all times. This is only if dance is your main sport or priority. Some people tend to only take a few classes per week which will not help you as a dancer, but makes it much less stressful during the week and gives you a lot of time.

If you are deciding between dance and another sport, you should probably stick to a few classes. Make it your main priority or don’t do it because it’ll just cause a lot of stress and issues. You must be willing to eat dinner at the studio and be with the girls all the time, and do your homework there! It is a lot of effort and time, but do it if its what you truely love.

The major problem dance causes regarding time consumption is that it causes major stress. It limits time for school work, which can result in dropping of grades and not performing in school to your best ability. I personally found that when I first started doing many classes, my grades significantly dropped, but after a while I was able to pick myself back up and found what I had to do to improve.

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