Major issue when it comes to dance that not many people realize: SHOES.

Because there are so many types of dance, many of them require different outfits that are neccessary, but the main differences are the shoes! Several types include tap shoes, jazz shoes, ballet shoes, pointe shoes, and hip-hop sneakers.

After almost every dance year, I find that one or two pairs of my dance shoes are either too small or are broken/ ripped. Sometimes this occurs towards the end of the year when there are still classes! This causes even more stress that comes along with the recital or competitions.

The most irritating shoe is definitely the pointe shoe. They are always ripping, require a lot of time to put on and take off, and are impossible to shop for. Dance shoes are a main requirement for all dance genres, and make it easier to complete many different turns or jumps, and give the type of dance its typical feel. Although they are a major component in certain types of dance, their ability to rip and growing out of them are the worst and for me come across at the most inconvinient time.

Another problem I tended to face regarding shoes was losing them! Depending on the classes I had o go to on certain days, I would have to bring certain shoes and leave certain pairs at home. This made it difficult to keep track of them since I have so many!

Overall, dance shoes make dance what it is but can become a large problem for dancers depending on the circumstances!

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