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Major issue when it comes to dance that not many people realize: SHOES. Because there are so many types of dance, many of them require different outfits that are neccessary, but the main differences are the shoes! Several types include … Continue reading

Time Consumption

Dancing is probably the most time consuming activity out there. Not only are the classes all at least two hours, but they are all throughout the week and back to back. It is a commitment, so if you choose to take dance seriously, you have to know that a lot of time, pain, stretching, and effort is needed at all times. This is only if dance is your main sport or priority. Some people tend to only take a few classes per week which will not help you as a dancer, but makes it much less stressful during the week and gives you a lot of time.

If you are deciding between dance and another sport, you should probably stick to a few classes. Make it your main priority or don’t do it because it’ll just cause a lot of stress and issues. You must be willing to eat dinner at the studio and be with the girls all the time, and do your homework there! It is a lot of effort and time, but do it if its what you truely love.

The major problem dance causes regarding time consumption is that it causes major stress. It limits time for school work, which can result in dropping of grades and not performing in school to your best ability. I personally found that when I first started doing many classes, my grades significantly dropped, but after a while I was able to pick myself back up and found what I had to do to improve.


The first few months of any class, we tend to just practice technique and skill. After this point in time, we get choreography to a dance, and learn it and work on it for the remainder of the year. Once we’ve finished that, we have the dance recital, which is a huge production we put on for families, friends, scouts, or anyone that wants to come. Almost all dance studios have an end of the year recital, but nothing compares to ours. It is extremely intense, and you can barely take your eyes off of the stage when watching it. It’s great to see the skill and incredible talents girls and a few boys of all ages posses at our studio.

Although the recital is majorly a very cool sight to see and enticing to watch, it is insanity backstage! Quick costume changes, makeup requirements, shoe changes, accessories, you name it we’ve got the issue. The rush of the recital is so stressful that we make it fun. Everyone places their costumes stage right or stage left, making sure you come off the correct side and are able to sprint across behind the curtain so you’re ready for your dance.

The many issues we must deal with make heads spin and get girls to the point of tears, there is a way to decrease the stress level. 

All you must do is take every accessory, every makeup tool, and every dance shoe and categorize them. Keep each costume seperate and make sure you know where everything is backstage at all times!

Another problem we come to face at the recital is the graduating senior class. At dance, we all become very close friends, even with girls not too close in age. The dance recital is like the final goodbye to the studio, and presents the sad message that the seniors will never be in a dance class at our studio again. Many tears are always dropping onto the stage, from the seniors, to the students, to the teachers and choreographers. Some girls are so hooked that they come back for classes through college and are in the recital!

Overall, even though the recital sounds extremely stressful, in me and my friends’ eyes, the recital is the best day of the whole year. It includes performing on a huge stage for your favorite people while barely being judged, being applauded and appreciated, spending all this time with your best friends, and attending many recital rehearsal, before, and after parties! #recitalfever is the largest Twitter trend during recital weekend at SSOD.

Recitals can be stressful as heck, but just keep organized, take deep breaths, and smile!



You see a girl about to perform. She is bony, short, and has awkward posture with her head down. The look on her face is the definition of nervous, and she walks onto the stage finding the number block she needs to start behind.

You see a girl about to perform. She is bony, short, but her head is held high and she confidently struts on the stage, smiling.

Which one of these dancers will be better? Just as it would be when first meeting someone, the judges at that competition or parents at that dance recital might just be seeing your presence for the first time as a dancer. First impression means everything. You could end up sucking, but it will take a lot of failure to prove this to the judges and audience if you come out confident, happy, and looking like a pro.

If you convince yourself you know what you’re doing, you know what you’re doing. The worst impression to make is that you are unsure of yourself or forgot the combination. Make something up on the spot; who will ever know besides your instructor or your fellow dancers? No one. So act confident.. it’s all in the attitude. You may not be the best dancer in that age category or competition, and you would be lucky if you were that person.

If it’s down to you and another girl to get the gold medal, are they going to choose the girl who had the best technique but looked like she was bored out there? Or are they going to choose the girl who maybe messed up once but picked herself up, smiled the whole time, and got the audience into it? The second one almost 90% of the time, unless it’s a technique-based competition.

This is a major problem for most dancers. Myself included. It’s much harder to look very confident and constantly happy than you’d think. That smirk you whip out to the audience every now and then? Not nearly enough. Flash those pearly whites and show the audience what you can do! Dancing is a privelage and something to be proud of, so make sure it at least looks like you know what you’re doing.

All the audience wants to see is you having fun, and if you’re having enough fun chances are they’ll have fun watching your dance.

Although it is very tough, never take the smile off your face during your dance. Even if your mouth is shaking because your lip muscles can’t take it any longer, suck it up and keep smiling!

All you have to do is this, and it is your start to being successful in competitions and performances!


This gallery contains 10 photos.

If you are reading this as someone who doesn’t dance, you are probably pronouncing the title as “fow-ettes”. A fouette is literally “whipped”. The term indicates either a turn with a quick change in the direction of the working leg … Continue reading

Dance is a Getaway

Because many dancers who take it up as their main priority are at their dance school everyday or the majority of the week every week of the year, many people tend to become really close friends with some of the people in their classes, and not such good friends with others. If you are reading this and can relate, I’m sure you’ve mentioned the term, “dance friends” almost every day at school or home. I think one problem many of these peopele face is constantly talking to your friends at dance, telling them about school and your everyday life, and telling them you want to hang out with them. Since many of the girls (at my dance school at least) are from different towns, it is sometimes easier said than done. Depending on how long you have danced, you could have known these people since kindergarten. I happen to fall into this category, and I would consider a few of the girls I dance with my best friends.

Since I see these people on an almost-daily basis, we are very close and have been for years. We tell eachother our problems and happy things about our days because it’s people in a different environment. Not just the same people from school everyone knows. I highly suggest trying to become close with some girls in your dance school if you are a dancer. The relationships you can form are really worth while, and I know a specific group of people who went to my dance school who are currently in their 20s and are still best friends!

Another suggestion I have for those who already have some close dance friends is to really try and go out of your way to hang out with them on the weekend or over the summer if you haven’t already. Just to catch up, or laugh and talk. For me, I was kind of sick of hanging out with the same people from school all of the time, but of course I still love them.. I just wanted a change of pace. I made a group mssage on my phone with a few of my closest friends from dance. We all met up one Saturday to get lunch and our nails done, and then we went into a town that two of the girls lived in that night. They introduced us to some of their friends, and now I have a lot more friends from other towns who I can turn to whenever I’m in the mood to do something different. It was such a fun time, and that is why we hung out even more since then.

Although you may be very good friends with some people in dance class more than others, try to include everyone. It doesn’t feel good when some of your friends aren’t in class and you’re stretching in the corner by yourself

while the other eight are in the middle laughing their heads off at who knows what. Try to encourage your whole class to be friends if they aren’t already. My dance class has all become good friends within the past year or so which has made my whole experience a lot better.

Bottom line: Be open minded and go out of your way to improve friendships; they could last forever!